Published On: Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

Iran set to become ‘trade hub’ of China

Iran, which is in an unfriendly relation with most of the western powers such as the US and UK, is set to become a prime hub of trade with the help of the huge infrastructural project introduced by China. At this moment, China is one of the prime trading partners of Iran, on which a stiff sanction has been imposed by the western powers. There is no doubt that Iran needs the help of China in order to survive in this difficult period, to sell their oil, to fuel their infrastructural needs. Beijing sees Tehran as the safe trade hub. The communist country believes that by maintaining a good relationship with Tehran, it can create a short rail route which is not directly linked to Russia, the country which is seen by Beijing as a potential competitor. Economic experts say that the Chinese government is trying to control Iran but Tehran is incapable of resisting Beijing from doing so, as the latter’s economy is heavily dependent on the former’s money. At the moment, there are many Chinese companies which have investments in the West Asia, particularly Iran. The one trillion dollars worth infrastructural initiative- the belt and road initiative- is likely to turn the future of the West Asia, which is located near to the European continent. Experts warn that the West Asian countries must make sure they are not losing their sovereignty for the sake of acquiring huge investments in the form of infrastructural development projects.


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Iran set to become ‘trade hub’ of China