Published On: Sat, Sep 15th, 2018

500-yr-old Shiva statue in Aus gallery was robbed from India

dancing-shivaA 500-year-old Dancing Shiva statue on show at the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide was stolen from a temple in Nellai, Tamil Nadu in the 1970s. The stolen statue is one of the four from the temple and the theft was detected in 1982. Indian authorities are making a formal claim for the repatriation of the statue. So that the artefact will be eligible to be returned.

The AGSA confirmed the Shiva statue was identified stolen in September 2016 during an ongoing research initiated by the gallery’s Asia Art curator.
The legal documentation is discussed by Indian and Australian authorities and it is heard the paperwork has been submitted and within 30 days of time, Austalia will refute the claim. Announces S. Vijay Kumar, co-founder of India Pride Project (IPP), a group of volunteers who track and repatriate Indian heritage works.


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500-yr-old Shiva statue in Aus gallery was robbed from India