Published On: Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

A massive virus hits top companies computer system around the globe.

Manager is pushing RANSOMWARE on a touch screen. Three opened lock icons light up in a hexagonal code structure signifying an infected computer system or application. Security technology concept.

A massive ransomware virus has hit the system of major companies around the world forcing them to shut down their proceedings. This virus is said to be more dangerous than the previously hit virus ‘WannaCry’ that spread across the systems via internet damaging thousand of hundreds of computer systems last month. ‘WannaCry was a failure as everyone noticed it and the key to stop it was also decoded pretty soon. But this new ransomeware virus called ‘Notpetya’ has not yet been able to stop. According to Europol there is no ‘Kill Switch’ to disable the bug.

The ransomware virus infects the computer as a whole rather than just infecting the files forcing it to shutdown its operation. In return it demands $300 in the form of digital currency bitcoin. But the email account associated with ransomeare virus has been blocked, which makes the it impossible to trace their files when the victim pays.

A lot of European and American business giants headquartered in Europe has been effected drastically. Companies like Russian oil and gas giant Rosnet, Shipping firm Maersk, pharmaceutical company Merck, French retailer Auchan Group, real estate division of BNP Paribas and some major companies were infected. The chain is said to have started from Ukrain where it was badly hit. The government office systems, banks, the postal service and the metro system were badly infected.

The virus uses a hacking tool called EternalBlue which takes advantage of a mere weakness in Microsoft windows. Unlike ‘WannaCry’ it locks up the whole hard drive, making it impossible to access the system.

Azam Sait

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A massive virus hits top companies computer system around the globe.