Published On: Sat, Jun 3rd, 2017

A tale of transformation from ‘conservative’ to ‘liberal’










As Leo Varadkar is heading towards a historic victory, he is not only rewriting the social notions but also redrawing the history of Ireland which was once dubbed as one of the most conservative regions of Europe. The indigestible and unbelievable fact that Mr Varadkar, who is the leader of the Fine Gael party, is a gay, half-Indian and young, creates a mixed feeling among the citizens. If he is elected, he will become the youngest Prime Minister of the country. He is presently thirty-eight years old.

He has been selected as the leader of the centre-rightist party, the Fine Gael. He is likely to assume the prestigious position within a couple of days. Mr Varadkar is the son of an Indian doctor and an Irish nurse. This is the first time that the sexuality, age and background become the prime area of media coverage in an Irish Prime Ministerial election. Experts say that even though it is not a healthy practice to encourage discussions on the Prime Ministerial candidate’s sexuality, age and background in a developed nation over the candidate’s political view and programmatic strategies, if the practice empowers the marginalised sections to come to the forefront of the society it is worth tolerable. It is learned that if he comes to power his prime priorities will be restoring the devolution in Northern Ireland and dealing with Brexit. It seems that the radical transformation achieved by Ireland would encourage many other European countries, which has been expressing reservation about the liberal doctrine since the rise of the liberal democracies in Europe, to adapt and nourish this order.






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A tale of transformation from ‘conservative’ to ‘liberal’