Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

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Differences and distances between people are evident in all relationships. We know about generation gaps. This is a living full of gaps. Gaps cannot be avoided, Between genders, economics, academics and even social classes. But in times of internet, new gaps is between academics and industry.

Always there is first an experience. And then the person speaks about his experience. Somebody else, notes the content of this experience. And then the academic part is constructed. Words are articulated so as to describe the experience. And here begins the academics. Academics are written by scholars. This structure that is built, using word crafting becomes the academics. The industry has begun and then the contents for teachers, follows. Regulators then invent a new process, by which to do, action. They break it down to it’s basic components and fundamental elements. All these tiny pieces , are fitted in sequence by administrators. They call it the procedures. People of corporate governance manufacture  a set of protocols. Design and maintenance department creates, the structure. This structure ensures, sustainability and stability and steadiness. New  systems and suitable methods are innovated for safety and security. The mathematics and arithmetic are used by the accounts department. So here we have the experience, academics, product and industry.

The humanists will develop the values. And finally, the academicians will set curriculum and syllabus. Now we are ready to train the new young minds about the product. The positions are clear. The experience, academics, product and the industry. How to eliminate gaps among these four factors?

The only method is to do Transaction, Intelligence, Participation, Endurance of disruptions, and Adaptability (TIPEDA). Do not forget this acronym. Practice this acronym to be able to delete the gap between academics and industry. Doing the TIPEDA will generate communication between two or more adverse situations.




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ACADEMICS – Vinod Kumar