Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

Again! Amnesty dominates Colombian-FARC peace deal

Even after an initial deal between the Colombian government and FARC, which took the rebels’ crimes insensitively, had failed to gain approval from the Colombian citizens, the reversed deal also reflected the same strategy: amnesty.The war between the left-wing rebels and government erased over two lakh people from our earth. Frequent displacements and instabilities were the gift of the bloody civil war. It took decades for the authorities to mark an end to the war and create a peace treaty.  It was identified that the security officials and rebels committed brutal crimes under the shield of the civil war. Just like the old peace proposal, the new proposal also offered freedom from prosecution for selected rebels and security officials, who, somebody firmly believed, had only committed petty crimes during the Civil war. On October 2, the initial peace law had been rejected by the Colombian population, who strongly believed the law was too lenient towards the rebels. But, the reversed law was not presented for the popular vote; instead, it was presented before the Congress. It was told that the amnesty proposal was unanimously approved by the Congress purposefully swallowing the fact that the similar proposal was rejected by the common people who elected these representatives. Anyway, there were few appreciable elements in the reversed peace proposal: the provision to cease the assets of FARC and the provision to address concerns of the religious groups. Some political experts ask ‘do we really need to let the rebels get off scot-free?’ they add ‘can compensation heal everything?’


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Again! Amnesty dominates Colombian-FARC peace deal