Published On: Thu, Mar 30th, 2017

Again! Riot breaks out in Mexican jail

The Mexican jails are always vulnerable to the violent riots. In the recent past, these jails have witnessed several such riots. Many prison offers and inmates have been killed during such riots. In the latest report, nearly two inmates have been killed and at least thirteen other inmates have been injured in Cadereyta prison, Mexico. It is learned that the violent riot has broken out due to the severe scarcity of food and water in the prison. While protesting against the scarcity of the basic amenities, the violent inmates have destructed the jail pharmacy. As per the report, at least two floors of the jail have been completely destroyed by the violent inmates. The installation of an x-ray system to check the relatives visiting the jail inmates has been another issue that has placed the crisis to the peak. The relatives of the inmates have complained that the prison authorities have backed from the agreement reached between the relatives and authorities that they will not curtail the relatives from giving food and money to the inmates. As per the report, the relatives and acquaintances of the inmates have gathered outside the prison after hearing the news about the prison riot, creating a panic-like-atmosphere. It is informed that the situation is under control. Earlier, in a similar riot, last year, nearly 49 inmates were killed in Topo Chico prison. It is learned that the timely interference of the authorities has averted a huge danger.


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Again! Riot breaks out in Mexican jail