Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

Algerian conservatism taints country’s progressive systems  



In one of the latest development in which a progressive system has been compromised in order to accommodate some conservative elements, some Algerian political parties have displayed some posters having blank space in the place of the female candidate running in the upcoming elections. Algeria, the North African country close to the European continent, is largely a conservative country; but, it had embraced a new progressive system when through an order it had made it mandatory in 2012 for the political parties to field the female candidate in at least 20% to 50% seats in the elections.

Even if this problem is not confined to this nation alone as the political parties of several other countries particularly conservative countries like Egypt exercise similar practices, experts say that by promoting such a conservative policy the political parties of Algeria has tainted the progressive order which was achieved after the 2012 law. The Socialist Forces Front, one of the political parties which have received wide flak over their poster displaying a black space in place of the female candidate, has denounced such posters, asserting that it is incompatible with their political view. Anyway, highlighting the right of the people or citizens to know to whom they are going to cast their electoral right, the Independent High Authority for Election Monitoring has insisted that the political parties should display the candidate’s photo, with the unconcealed face, within two days.



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Algerian conservatism taints country’s progressive systems