Published On: Tue, Mar 27th, 2018

All Eyes on Beijing: Is Kim visiting China


Since a Japanese media house reported that a highly guarded train reached China from North Korea, the speculation that the train may be used by NK dictator Kim Jong-un to visit his only ally, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been spreading rampantly across the world.

The Japanese officials have confirmed the visit of a high-profile leader from NK to China, but failed to reveal the identity of the visitor.

There are two possibilities: the visitor may be either the dictator or his sister, who actually plays a pivotal role in establishing the NK’s foreign relations.

Actually, it does not matter who the visitor is. The time that has been chosen by the NK high profile delegate to visit the country is the one that matter, says a political expert.

Recently, the United States accepted the request made by North Korea through South Korea (with which a good relation was created during the NK delegation’s visit to South to attend the Winter Olympics) for a high-level meeting between the NK’s dictator and US President Donald Trump.

As per the latest updates, both countries are making preparations to meet the procedural requirements for such a high-level talk.

Some International media houses have reported that South Korea, the US and Japan are closely observing the developments.


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All Eyes on Beijing: Is Kim visiting China