Published On: Sat, May 27th, 2017

Amidst measles threat, Germany strengthens vaccination program









As the cases related to the measles have marked a rampant increase in the recent times, the German health authorities have strengthened its vaccination program by tightening the law which stipulates the parents to inoculate their children properly. The authorities have decided to impose a huge fine on those parents who fail to give the vaccination and medical care to their children at the right time.

It is learned that the educational institutions such as the kindergartens and child schools would be advised to collect the information of the medical care and vaccination of the children from the parents and would be asked to expel the children of those parents who fail to present the satisfactory evidence which proves that his/her child has taken the medical or vaccination care prescribed by the heath authorities properly. It is unlikely that the government would collect the details of the defaulters or expelled children as such procedures would breach the date protection law. Germany gives high importance to its education, health and welfare sector just like other European countries. In Italy, the act of depriving a child of accessing proper vaccination and medical care is a punishable offense. From this new development, it is clear that Germany is also moving towards that direction even though it has not announced any stiffer punishment on this issue at this movement. The new law is likely to come into force next month.






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Amidst measles threat, Germany strengthens vaccination program