Published On: Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

Amidst protest Paraguay supremo gives up bid seeking second term


In the midst of severe protest over the Paraguayan supremo’s move aiming at amending the constitution in order to pave way for his bid seeking a second term in the top office, Horacio Cartes has announced that he has given up his plan to seek a second term in the office. Earlier, the protesters torched the country’s congress when a demonstration over the president’s unprecedented bid turned violent. The new development has come after a failed attempt made by Pope Francis to make a consensus among the political parties on the issue. The pope’s attempt to make an amicable settlement in the issue has failed due to the liberal party’s absence in the meeting convened to discuss the issue.

It is learned that Paraguay is the only country in the Latin American region which resists the second term of the supremo. It is said that this reality has prompted the leftists as well as conservatives to push for a constitutional amendment in an effort to do away with those provisions which curtail the second term of the supremo. The protesters believe that any attempt aimed at amending the constitution may lead to dictatorship. The country was once under a ruthless dictatorship. It took several decades to move away from the clutches of that system. The intensity of the violence indicates that any attempt eyeing to bring huge change is keenly observed by the public with extreme suspicion.




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Amidst protest Paraguay supremo gives up bid seeking second term