Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

An International body set up to track down the lost or stolen watches.


With the increase in the number of treasured time pieces being stolen, a special service has been offered by the Art Loss Register, known for its databases on stolen art, known as the Watch Register, to track down your stolen time pieces. Though there the watch makers have been pretty dismissive about Insurance policies and a decent safe to safeguard the watch, the watches have been increasingly been stolen from safe environments. These watches are inturn circulate around the market which is pretty huge.

Watches play a pretty vital role in some individuals life. The are seasoned collectors who love collecting the treasured and precious time pieces that are worth millions and also there are some who regularly purchase the pre owned watches for their comfort and affordability. But the genuineness and its legitimacy is a huge concern. To over come the trouble, the Watch Register makes it easy to track the legitimacy of the watch and make sure it isn’t a stolen one, provided the original owner registers a complain with the ‘the Watch Register’.

Katya Mills, Managing director of the Watch Registrar explained to how the credibility and the international appeal of watches along with desirability facilitate swift dispersal of stolen watches, oceans away from the sit of the theft. She said “ A dealer from Belgium in his first search with us was checking on a watch being offered from Turkey and the theft happened in Austria. That shows how much the watches circulate.”

This step would definitely reduce the level of theft as it would be hard for thieves to sell stolen goods.

Azam Sait 

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An International body set up to track down the lost or stolen watches.