Published On: Fri, Jun 2nd, 2017

Angela Merkel Suspends Afghan Deportation

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany on Thursday temporarily suspended deportation of rejected Afghan asylum. This decision was taken in the wake of suicide attacks that killed 90 innocent people in Kabul. The pause in deportations of Afghans would be till a new security assessment is completed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



The German authority had come up with voluntary repatriation measures by giving 700 Euros to those Afghans who agree to return back to their native land with a free flight ticket. Around 3000 Afghans had voluntarily agreed to go back in 2016.

Other German ruling officials stated to completely suspend the deportation to Afghanistan. Chairman of Greens, Mr Cem Ozdemir on Wednesday spoke to Al Jazeera and said “ If attackers can get to the most secured area, then they can get anywhere”. Also claimed that at present Afghanistan at present is not a safe country.

Azam Sait

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Angela Merkel Suspends Afghan Deportation