Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2018

ANPDH ceases its operation in Nicaragua


Showing clearly how difficult it is for the human rights organisations to operate in the Central American country of Nicaragua, the Nicaraguan Association of Human Rights has ceased its operation in the country due to the fear of persecution.

The officials of the human rights organisation have alleged that their staffs have received serious threats from those who support the government, which has allegedly used violent means to suppress its opponents.

As per the organisation, as many as four hundred people have been killed in the anti-government protest, which has jolted the country in the near past.

Though the government authorities have accused the anti-government forces for the violence happened during the protest, several human rights organisations, including the one which has stopped its operations allegedly due to the pro-government forces’ threat, have called the government accused for the crimes occurring during the unrest.

The ANPDH has claimed that they have all necessary information to accuse the government for the violence occurred during the protest.

It is high time for the International community to interfere in the issue. Unfortunately, no political power has come forward to criticise the government until now.


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ANPDH ceases its operation in Nicaragua