Published On: Thu, May 17th, 2018

Anti-EU policies dominate Italian populist parties’ coalition talks


The Italian populist parties –the Five Star Movement and the Northern League- which hope to form a government in the country has as per a leaked document included several anti-European Union policies in their coalition agreement.

It seems that the anti-establishment parties of Italy are extremely unhappy about some EU rules, particularly those rules related to the debit and migrant.

As per the leaked document, the populist parties want the cancellation of the Italian bonds bought by the European Central Bank.

Not many European countries are as debt-ridden as Italy. Even though the demand made by the Italian populist parties might help the Italians to escape from the clutches of the huge public debt (the country’s public debt currently stand at over 130% of national output), it might not benefit the European Union. So, definitely, the EU is not going to encourage such a proposal from any of its member country, including the European Union.

The anti-establishment parties, according to the document, also want the European Union to make amendments in the migration policy.

The European Union always stands by the opinion that the member countries of the EU should share the burden of the huge influx of the migrants.

Will the new Italian regime be the perfect example of a modern barbarian state?


Vignesh. S. G

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Anti-EU policies dominate Italian populist parties’ coalition talks