Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Anti-government and anti-Fujimori protests intensify in Peru


Protests against the government’s move to grand pardon to former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori has intensified in different regions across the country.

In the fourth serious protest launched against President Pablo Kuczynski, several students, human right activists, trade unions have participated to express their dissatisfaction against the government’s controversial move.

There are allegations that the Fujimori’s son has colluded with the ruling government to secure a favorable decision on his jailed father’s release.

Some believe that the victory gained by the country’s supremo on the non-confidence motion in the parliament with the help of the parliamentarians who support the jailed leader and his son is what the ruling president received in return of its decision to grand pardon to the leader, who was sentenced to nearly twenty-five year imprisonment for his involvement in the corruption cases and the human right abuses cases in which he was found guilty.

The ex-leader, who is suffering from some serious age related diseases, was granted pardon on the Christmas Eve, amidst mounting protests against the government’s decision.

The president, who said that he could not let a seriously ill leader die in the prison, is not likely to withdraw the decision on the count that a section of the society is unhappy with the president’s move.

For some, Fujimori is still a hero. But, for many, who are out in the street to demand the withdrawal of the decision and the resignation of the president who took the decision, the imprisoned leader is a symbol of cruelty- at least sixty nine thousand people were killed in the conflict, between the left-wing insurgents and the government, when he was at the top of the government.


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Anti-government and anti-Fujimori protests intensify in Peru