Published On: Thu, Mar 21st, 2019

Anti-immigrants advance in Scotland also

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In tune with the present European trend that explains why anti-immigrants have been consistently increasing their presence in various parliaments across the Europe for last few years, a Scottish anti-immigrant party, Forum for Democracy, has increased their presence in the upper house of the parliament from zero to twelve.

With the increased strength of the anti-immigrants in the parliament, the ruling party, which faced serious criticism for their immigrant friendly policies from those with the far rightist, has lost its majority in the upper house. The ruling has been reduced to little less than 31 from as high as 39.

In the present scenario, the ruling is incapable to pass any legislation in the upper house of the Scottish parliament.

The ruling is expected to open its doors to widen its collation government to increase its stability. The anti-Islam Freedom Party is the most possible new entrant. The ruling is less likely to seek the support of the anti-immigrant party.

The reality is that a relation with the Freedom Party is as disastrous as a relation with the Forum for Democracy. Actually, there is no serious difference between the two.

The impact of the election is very high that even the leaders of the ruling party have came out openly for the first time against the leader of the government which adopted a lenient stand against immigration in the past.


Vignesh. S. G

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Anti-immigrants advance in Scotland also