Published On: Sat, Apr 15th, 2017

Are we heading towards WW3



 With two aggressive leaders- US President Donald Trump and North Korean Supremo Kim Jong-un- leading the two opposite factions- Washington and Pyongyang- which are at the edge of explosion, a question is circulating among the observers: are we heading towards the World War Three. While celebrating the 105th birth anniversary of the NK’s founding supremo, Kim ll-Sung, its leader warns that if the US attacks their country, they will hit back in the same coin. Just like Washington, Pyongyang is also a nuclear power. NK has said to be conducted nearly five nuclear tests successfully and is heading to test their sixth nuclear test. The Chinese government, worried about the new developments in the Korean peninsula, warns that if both countries come face-to-face there will be no winners. The statement delivered by Beijing indicates the intensity of disaster which is likely to happen if the war occurs.

The show of strength organised by NK is seen as a provocation by the world powers like the United States which has recently declared that if the Chinese government is not helping the US to tame NK, they would find their own way to do that. It is said that the US government has recently directed its naval forces to move closer to the Korean peninsula. On the wake of this development, a UN resolution, demanding the dismantling of the nuclear weapons, initiated by the non-nuclear powers, gains prominence even if the nuclear powers refrain from participating in the meeting in which the resolution was tabled. It is the high time that the world leaders to decide whether they should really need the mass destruction weapons like the nuclear weapons, biological weapons and chemical weapons.




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Are we heading towards WW3