Published On: Thu, Aug 9th, 2018

Argentina senate defeats bill seeking legalisation of Abortion


Ignoring a valuable chance to join the progressive club of Cuba and Uruguay –the only Latin American countries where the medical process of abortion is not illegal, the Argentinean government has defeated the bill seeing the legalisation of abortion.

Both pro-choice supporters and anti-abortion supporters have gathered outside the sensate house, when the voting process has taken place.

Several dramatic events have occurred outside the senate when the decision of the senate has been publicised. The pro-choice supporters, who have expressed their unhappiness openly, have even lobbed stones at the senate building as a sign of their disagreement. Meanwhile, the anti-abortion supporters, who have welcomed the move, have expressed their happiness by cheering the senators who have voted against the bill seeking the legalisation of the medical process of abortion.

During the voting session, nearly 38 senators have voted against the bill and 31 senators have supported it. The house has witnessed a fierce debate during the discussion session of the bill. It is during the discussion session the pro-choice supporters have managed to increase their support base in the senate, where the anti-abortion faction has a significant presence.

At present, in Argentina, the medical process of termination of undeveloped foetus is only allowed in the cases of rape or if the mother’s health is in danger.

The pro-choice activists have asserted that they would continue their fight for the legalisation of abortion.


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Argentina senate defeats bill seeking legalisation of Abortion