Published On: Tue, May 1st, 2018

Armenian opposition leader likely to become new PM


Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan, who through a powerful protest ousted former PM Serzh Sargsyan for trying to cling to power, is likely to be elected as the new Prime Ministry of the country, even though the ruling party, which decided not to put any candidate in the upcoming PM election session in the parliament where it enjoys a significant majority, has not yet revealed its mind over the opposition leader’s candidature.

It was the strong belief among the public that Mr Sargsyan was trying to cling on the power that triggered the opposition led protest across the country.

Mr Sargsyan, who served as the president of the country for at least ten years, when stepped down, assumed the position of Prime Minister, which was a ceremonial position with no major powers, after empowering it with all powers which a president had and considerably diluting the president’s powers.

The action of Mr Sargsyan has seriously affected the image of the Republican Party, which has been ruling this country since the year 1999. This is the reason why the ruling did not file a candidate for the position vacated by their member.

Anyway, the opposition leader, who has promised a snap election, has asked his followers to organise a giant march towards the parliament in the day in which the PM voting session in the parliament is scheduled to take place.

Will the Republicans fail to resist the aggressive leader?


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Armenian opposition leader likely to become new PM