Published On: Tue, Jun 27th, 2017

Assad regime plans to conduct another chemical attack in Syria: US

In a statement widely viewed as a tactical move, the United States alleges that the Bashar al-Assad’s regime is planning to conduct another attack in Syria. Importantly, the United States has warned the Syrian government of severe consequences in the statement. Earlier, a chemical weapon attack, allegedly executed by the Syrian regime which is fighting the Islamic State militants, killed several people. Unlike the earlier instances of warning, this time the United States asserts that if such chemical attack happens again, Iran and Russia who are supporting the Assad regime, will also be responsible for the attack. The Syrian regime, as well as the Iranian and Russian authorities, has not responded to the United States’ provocative statement yet. It is unlikely that the pro-Syrian regime section will retort the US statement on the same coin. Experts say that the US is either trying to foil a potential chemical attack or trying to provoke the Syrian regime supported by the Russian forces. It is the first time that the United States is directly accusing Russia and Iran of helping the Assad regime which is aggressively trying to ascertain its dominance in the country. In Syria, the United States is backing a rebel faction which is operating against the country’s establishment. For re-establishing peace in the Middle East and ending the endless exodus of refugees towards the unwelcoming Europe, it is necessary to find a feasible solution to dilute tension in the region.


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Assad regime plans to conduct another chemical attack in Syria: US