Published On: Sat, May 20th, 2017

Assange walks to freedom as Sweden drops investigation on sexual crime case

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, who has been living inside the United Kingdom’s Ecuadorian embassy for last few years as he would have been arrested and deported to Sweden, where he have been wanted for a sexual crime case, if he have stepped out the embassy, is set to embrace freedom as the Swedish authorities have decided to drop the case registered against the renowned journalist who has irked the United States government with his controversial leakage of sensitive documents related to the US defence force and US administration through his popular website. While briefing the media representatives why has the Swedish government decided to drop the investigation over the sensitive case, the respective country’s representative has cited their complicated legal system which mandates the investigator to carry out an investigation within a short period of time. The representative has explained the difficulty it has faced while carrying out the investigation and the inability it has suffered while trying to do a free and fair investigation as the Ecuadorian authorities have refused to cooperate with the investigator’s request seeking the deportation of the journalist. However, the representative has also informed the media representatives about his country’s decision regarding the possibilities of the resumption of the case, saying his country would resume the case if the accused visits their country before the year 2020. Assange, who has always stuck to his explanation that the lovemaking that he had done with the Swedish national who raised serious sexual allegation against him was consensual and the case registered against him was politically motivated, has lauded the Sweden’s declaration as his victory. It is learned that the victim is not happy with this decision. The victim’s advocate is likely to challenge the decision legally. It is said that Assange’s advocates have approached the UK authorities in order to find a best political solution to the issue.


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Assange walks to freedom as Sweden drops investigation on sexual crime case