Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2019

Assange’s arrest questions liberal’s commitment towards ‘Press Freedom’

The unjustifiable arrest of renowned hackivist Julian Assange has questioned the commitment of the, so called, liberal countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Ecuador, towards the freedom of press.

A few hours before, the WikiLeaks founder was dragged out of the Ecuador embassy situated in London where he was admitted several years ago after a deportation attempt at the behest of the US initiated against him.

In those days, Ecuador was very supportive to what the popular journalist stands for. Many even appreciated the courageous decision than by the Ecuador government.

It is clear that the country has changed its mind. Without the permission of the country, no one can enter into their embassy and pull the collars of the global media hero.

At this moment, it remains unclear what has prompted the country to change its mind against the global journo. There is no doubt that the US is the one which has played behind that change in the mind. Most probably, the US may have put severe pressure over Ecuador –both political and economical.

At present, the journo’s future is in the hand of the UK. The UK can either reject or support the deportation requests likely to be made by both Sweden and the US.

Sweden sees the journo as a sexual assault culprit. Meanwhile, the US views him as a traitor who disclosed their military secrets to the world.

The US is less likely to file a deportation request against the journo in the UK court, as it is well aware that the Kingdom would not deport a person to a county which is likely to provide a death penalty to him for the charges he faces there. The possible plan is to deport the journo to the US via Sweden, in which a serious sex charge is pending against the journalist.

It is important to know why the US is angry with this man. Then only, it can be understood why his freedom matters. Among what he leaded is a sensitive video showing how the US forces targeted and killed innocent citizens in Iraq.

Don’t you feel that a global movement should be initiated to ensure this courageous man is not unjustifiably deported to the US?

Vignesh. S. G
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Assange’s arrest questions liberal’s commitment towards ‘Press Freedom’