Published On: Mon, Mar 12th, 2018

At least forty dead in plane crash in Nepal


As many as forty people have been killed and several others injured when the US-Bangla plane operated by the Bangladesh airlines has crash-landed in Nepal.

It is said that there were nearly seventy-one passengers in the plane. As per a report, the injured persons have been taken to the hospital immediately by the Nepal authorities.

At this moment, it is not clear how such an incident has occurred. The Nepal government has launched an investigation into the incident.

It is informed to the authorities that the pilot took a wrong decision during the landing process. The airport authorities have said that the pilot landed the plane from the northern side of the runway rejecting the instruction given to him that he should land from the southern side.

The identities of those dead and those who are being treated in the hospital have not been published yet.

A person who has survived the accident and is being treated in a hospital has said that he had not experienced any trouble until he reached the Nepal airport, where the plane crash-landed with a violet sound.

As per a latest medial updates, some of those injured in the accident are in critical condition. It seems that the death toll might increase in coming hours.


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At least forty dead in plane crash in Nepal