Australia: Royal Commission report severely mars Catholic Institution’s image


The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuses report, which has been prepared after hearing nearly eight thousand testimonies, and which has found that nearly tens of thousands of children have been sexually abused in many institutions, particularly in the Catholic Institutions, has recommended some serious recommendations, including changes in the celibacy rule and amendments in the canon law, in order to prevent such abuses from happening again in the institutions and to reduce the possibility of such cases from falling under the list of unreported sexual abuses.

The top representatives of the Catholic community have came forward to express unconditional apology to all those who suffered the miseries.

The commission has not mentioned the exact number of children who have suffered the sexual abuse. Anyway, it has disclosed that for many of them their schools, churches and sports clubs have been the places of abuse and their church ministers, teachers, trainers have been their abusers.

It is learned that it took nearly five years for the commission to complete its enquiry. It has taken several private interviews and has conducted several public hearings before coming into a conclusion.

The commission has made nearly four hundred recommendations. The Australian lawmakers are likely to go through the recommendations soon.


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Australia: Royal Commission report severely mars Catholic Institution’s image