Australian dual citizenship issue likely to trigger political turmoil


As the hearing over the dual citizenship issue has begun in the Australian court, the speculation that the issue is likely to trigger a huge political turmoil in the country has resulted to several debates across the world.

As per the Australian constitution, the elected members of the parliament cannot hold the dual citizenships.

In the recent past, it was found that some Australian including the country’s Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, were holding the dual citizenships.

The issue is that all other pro-government members who were found holding the dual citizenships are members of the upper house which has no role in deciding who should rule the country, but Mr Joyce is the member of the lower house which has significant role in deciding who should or should not rule the nation as the party which gains most number of seats in the people’s house is normally invited to form the government.

The prime issue is that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government has no concrete majority in the house. It is said that if the court disqualifies Mr Joyce, Mr Turnbull’s government will definitely fall short of the majority to run a stable government.

Anyway, the government is trying their best to portray Mr Joyce as an innocent person by stating that some MPs including Mr Joyce are not aware of the fact that they possess the dual citizenships.

The government, as per the report, is likely to argue in the court that the action should be taken against those who acquire such foreign citizenships deliberately.


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Australian dual citizenship issue likely to trigger political turmoil