Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

Austria set to embrace workforce nationalisation

In line with certain European rightist ideologies rapidly propagating in some European countries post Brexit, the Austrian government is aiming to embrace the workforce nationalisation. It is a fact that a reasonable number of Europeans particularly those who are living in the far rightist countries experience job scarcity and they believe that the workforce nationalisation is the only way to alleviate their grievances and worries regarding the reducing job opportunities. This subject has been viewed by many as the most suitable campaigning weapon in most of the European countries. Identifying the fact, now, the centre-left chancellor of Austria, Christin Kern, assures that he would strive for EU’s approval in letting their country hire local employees over others. Kern has made this vital move during a function organised to launch the ambitious ‘ten-year economic plan’ focusing on job creation. Experts say that the mainstream political parties fear if they decline to promote these rightist ideologies they would lose base among the youth population who are looking for more and more job opportunities. It is unfortunate that still fear of immigration and unemployment prevail in the European countries. The political parties are trying to cash in this fear of the innocent population. Experts warn that if we fail to check the rapid growth of rightist ideologies in the European countries we could not resist the formation of another ‘NAZI’ or ‘FAZIST’. More importantly, now, the preponderance of the countries around the world directly or indirectly supports some kind of extreme rightist practises.


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Austria set to embrace workforce nationalisation