Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

Bali preparing to face ‘huge natural disaster’


As it has been confirmed that a huge volcano eruption would happen at any movement around Mount Agung, the active volcano situated in the Indonesian region of Bali, the authorities have directed those living near the volcano, particularly within the radius of ten kilometers, to relocate to the temporary camps, which have been arranged by the authorities.

As per the latest report, over one lakh people, who are living in the vulnerable zones, have been advised to relocate to the safe zones.

It is said that the authorities might not hesitate to increase the radius of the vulnerable zone in the coming hours, if they feel that there is a need to do so.

Notably, the authorities, which are closely monitoring the developments, have already raised the state of alert to its highest.

Meanwhile, there were reports that the unexpected closure of the airports located in the Island created confusion among the travelers, who were advised by their respective countries to leave the island as early as possible.

Several countries have warned their citizens to ditch their ‘Bali trip plan’ until they get conformation that the island is safe.

The rescue team, official authorities, humanitarian aid groups and all those working among those who are affected by the volcano crisis are, it seems, set to face any kind of situation.


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Bali preparing to face ‘huge natural disaster’