Ban on Russian Olympic Team revoked


The International Olympic Committee, the authority responsible for the Olympic Games, has revoked the ban imposed on the Russian Olympic Team.

The Russian Olympic team was originally banned from taking part in the Olympic Games after the authorities found that the Russian government had indulged in the unacceptable practice of state-sponsored doping.

On the wake of the incident, several Olympic medals given to the Russian winners were cancelled, and several sports personalities, including renowned sports legends, were banned from taking part in the Olympic games.

Due to the ban, the Russian team was not allowed to participate in the Winter Olympic Games, which held in South Korea a couple of weeks before.

Nonetheless, several Russians athletes were permitted to participate in the Olympics under the neutral flag, the Olympic Athletes from Russia. At least 168 athletes participated in the games under the flag in the Olympics.

The OAR was one of the most successful team in the 2018 Winter Olympics. The team emerged as the third largest team in the Olympics. It won at least seventeen medals including two gold medals.

Some International organisations have expressed their disagreement against the IOC’s move to revoke the ban imposed over Russia.


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Ban on Russian Olympic Team revoked