Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2018

Barcelona faces strong flak for its alleged sexism


Renowned football club Barcelona, which has organised its first ever mixed-sex tour, has faced strong flack from the fans of its female team for allegedly providing a kind of preferential treatment to its male team during the trip.

The criticism has been emerged minutes after it was exposed that the female football team of Barcelona during the trip was not admitted to the business class, where the seats for the club’s male football team were arranged, and was only offered seats in the economy class, which is considered far less standard than the business class seats.

The female team fans have argued that the team management could have offered seats in the business class to the club’s female football team members also along with the male football team members.

Meanwhile, the club authorities have responded that there were no enough seats available to accommodate both the male team and female team together in the business class.

Notably, dismissing the aforementioned argument the female fans have pointed out that if there were no adequate seats, the club could have offered the available business class seats to the senior members of both teams in spite of showing a sexist attitude.

Anyway, the club has tried to escape from the heat, saying that the decision to organise a mixed-sex tour was a last minute decision so when the female team was included in the tour, which was originally arranged for the male team, the authorities found some difficulties to arrange a foolproof arrangement for both teams alike.


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Barcelona faces strong flak for its alleged sexism