Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2016

Brazilian senate approves 20-year austerity proposal; clashes erupt across the country


 As the Brazilian senate has approved a 20-year austerity proposal, the country is witnessing violent clashes demanding the cancellation of the controversial amendment. The constitutional amendment is expected to cap the public spending for next twenty years. The proposal approved by the senate is likely to freeze the expenditure in judiciary, legislature and executive. The controversial proposal has secured nearly fifty-three votes. Only nineteen senators have voted against the amendment. As per the Brazilian law, the constitutional amendment only needs three-fifth votes of the senate. The approval of the new constitutional amendment is considered as a victory of the new President, Michel Temer. He has managed to convince the senate members that the amendment is necessary to lift the country from a huge economic crisis.

Meanwhile, the opposition alleges that the new amendment will badly hurt the public education and health sector. These sectors have already been being categorized under the underfunded category, they add. The new policy will even worsen the existing situation, they further add. From the video footages broadcasted in the global media, it is seen that tens of thousands of Brazilian protesters take the street across the country to express their disagreement over the proposal. Some economic experts opine that it may not make much impact on the rich people but it will make serious negative effects on the poor people. Denouncing all arguments triggered against the austerity proposal, the ruling government asserts that it will strengthen the economy of the country.




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Brazilian senate approves 20-year austerity proposal; clashes erupt across the country