Published On: Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

Brexit: new developments indicate negotiations ‘not on right track’

Giving a feeling of disappointment to tens of thousands of the European Union as well as the UK citizens, the new developments indicate that the negotiation between the two powerful groups who are in the two opposite sides of the Brexit negotiation table are on the wrong track. With the UK showing reluctance to offer any huge rights to the EU citizens who are presently living in their country and the EU expressing their unwillingness to grant anything more than what London agrees to give, the hopes for a bright future are slowly diminishing. The UK’s announcement in which it states the country would give ‘settlement status’ to those citizens who are presently staying in the country after the Brexit has been the reason behind the new crisis. As soon as London made the declaration, the EU has come up with a provocative statement, saying the UK’s offer falls short of what they have expected it would get. It is learned that the European leaders will not agree with any conditions which curbs the rights of those EU citizens who are living in the UK. The Brexit negotiations are at the initial stage. Observers say that it is not good to make offensive statements when we are at a negotiation table if we want to produce a positive result. The world leaders who are at the Brexit negotiation table must keep it in mind that they are playing with the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people.


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Brexit: new developments indicate negotiations ‘not on right track’