Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

Britain to ban diesel and gasoline cars by 2040


As part of the move to clean up the country’s air, Britain decides to phase out internal combustion engines with a new low emission technology. The progress in making the electric cars effective by renowned new era automobile industry has given a new life to the world we see today. The electric cars would help us to reduce the pollution that has been dominating the atmosphere globally over the essential components needed for a human to live a heathy life.

Britain has been the second biggest market after Germany for the automobile industries. Around 2.7 million new cars were registered in addition to the already existing cars with the people. Off the 2.7 million cars registered, only 3% accounted to the plug in hybrid. With the 2040 deadline, Britains aims to ensure clean and green run across the country with hybrid plugin cars.

“Ending diesel and petrol car sales by 2040 s a step in the right direction but given that electric cars are coming anyways this is probably irrelevant. Its a bit like saying were banning the sale of steam engine by 2040,” Spoke David Bailey, Professor of industrial strategy at Aston Business School.

The hinderance to the future is the cost effectiveness of the electric vehicles. As of now Plug In hybrids are quite heavy to the pockets of a car buyer. But once they are cheaper than conventional vehicles, the industry can start a whole new era dominated by the electric cars.

Azam Sait

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Britain to ban diesel and gasoline cars by 2040