Published On: Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service put an end to 28 years long case


Britain’s Crown Prosecution on Wednesday passed verdict against 6 people with criminal offences over the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. The disaster that accounted to the death of 96 Liverpool supporters had been a tragic incident in the history of the game. The verdict passed comes in awake of last year’s inquest that the 96 people were lawfully killed.

The main accused, David Duckenfield, a former senior police officer has been charged with manslaughter over 95 out of 96 deaths. Sue Hemming, the CPS head of special Crime and Counter Terrorism devision, stated “We will allege that David Duckinfield’s failures to discharge his personal responsibility were extraordinarily bad and contributed substantially to the deaths of each of those 96 people who so tragically and unnecessarily lost their lives.”

The disaster dates back to April 15 1989 during the FA cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. In Order to ease the bottle neck rush, police opened an exit gate, which led to a rush of people to get inside. An area which only had the capacity of 1500 people saw around 3000 people rush into it which led to stampede and panic aroused around leading to the death of 96 supporters.

Along with David Duckingfield, 5 other have also been charged under different accusation. The next appearance of David Duckinfield has not yet been decided but the rest 5 would be brought for a hearing at Warringtons’s Magistrate Court on August 9th.


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Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service put an end to 28 years long case