Published On: Sat, Jan 13th, 2018

Bulgaria: Parliament scraps Presidential Veto on Anti-Corruption Bill


Paving the way for the formation of an independent unit to investigate high-level corruption and abuses, the parliament has scrapped the president’s veto, which blocked the anti-corruption bill which had been passed by the lawmaking body in December.

The bill was initially passed by the parliament late last year with a good majority. Unfortunately, it was vetoed by the Bulgarian President, Rumen Radev, on the ground that the bill failed to offer the means to efficiently investigate the corruption networks operating in the country.

Anyway, the new move of the parliament means that now the president has no other choice, but to give accent to the bill.

Bulgaria, which has recently assumed the leadership of the European Union, is one of the most corrupted countries in Europe.

For last few years, the country has been under serious pressure from the West to establish a corrupt-less system.

The new bill is regarding as the effort to establish a corrupt-less system in the country, which is at present in the centre stage of the European Union.

Anyway, the motion intended to overturn the veto has secured nearly one hundred and forty six votes in the Bulgarian parliament, which at present have nearly two hundred and forty members.


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Bulgaria: Parliament scraps Presidential Veto on Anti-Corruption Bill