Published On: Tue, Oct 30th, 2018

Bulgarian fake passport racket busted


In a shocking development, the Bulgarian authorities have busted a fake passport racket, which has helped many non-EU nationals to obtain the Bulgarian passports and, thus, access to the concisions the European Union offers to the citizens of the member countries.

Several people have been arrested in connection with the scam. Notably, several Bulgarian officials have been booked in relation with the crime.

As per a preliminary assumption, most of those who have acquired the passport through this illicit method are the members of the Bulgarian community living outside the European Union. This fact has prompted many to suspect the involvement of the high level Bulgarian authorities in the crime.

Anyway, nothing concrete has been obtained to assume that there is a high level involvement in the crime. However, more revelations over the issue are expected to happen in the coming days.

All European countries are closely observing the developments in the case. There are possibilities for the involvement of the investigators from other European countries to investigate the crime.

All European nationals has the right to work anywhere in Europe. This is the prime element that encourages a non-European to obtain a European passport through any means.



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Bulgarian fake passport racket busted