Published On: Thu, Oct 11th, 2018

Bulgarian journalist’s murderer nabbed


The Bulgarian police have announced that a man has been nabbed from Germany, in connection with the murder of the Bulgarian journalist, on their request, by the German authorities.

The police have confirmed that his DNA samples have matched with the DNA samples that were recovered from the crime spot.

As per a preliminary report, the murder is not related to the controversial stories the journalist published in connection with the European Union fund usage; a report published by the journalist alleged that there was nexus between some politicians and businessman and this illicit relation helped them to misuse the funds earmarked for the betterment of the EU states in the way they wished to spend.

The Bulgarian authorities have asserted that they would investigate all possibilities even though they have enough evidence to assume that it was a spontaneous crime.

Several acclaimed journalists have demanded the investigation of an external agency into the mysterious murder of the journalist.

At present, it remains unclear were there any other culprits involved in the crime as a crime partner or as a crime motivator.

It is high time to articulate a framework to protect those journalists work in the risky section of investigative journalism across the world.



Vignesh. S. G

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Bulgarian journalist’s murderer nabbed