Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

Cambodia sends Australian nurse to prison over ‘illicit surrogacy service’ charges

The Cambodian government, which recently imposed a stick law to ban the commercial surrogacy, has sent an Australian nurse, Tammy Davis-Charles, to prison over the ‘illicit surrogacy service’ charges. Ms Davis-Charles, who has been given a prison term of nearly eighteen months, has been accused of functioning as a mediator between a foreign couple and a Cambodian surrogate mother. Actually, the Australian nurse’s arrest was made in early November last year, immediately after taking a decision to launch the anti-surrogacy law. Prior to the implementation of the law, the poor Cambodian women were being exploited by the agencies which were, in fact, making huge money by functioning as a mediator between the wealthy foreign couple and the poor Cambodian women. In the recent history, there has been a rampant rise in the number of wealthy western couples approaching the poor South Eastern countries in search of the surrogate mother through the agencies. The practice was widely seen in Thailand. Once the Thailand government brought in stricter law against the surrogacy, it flourished in other poor countries in the region such as Cambodia and Laos. These countries were even approached for the breast milk business and organ trafficking business. To an extent, Thailand and Cambodia have succeeded in bringing the situation under their control. The unfortunate fact is that still many women in the South Asian region are showing willingness to do this job as it is providing them a small respite from the acute poverty they suffer, so these will be no solution to this issue unless and until the government finds a feasible step to reduce poverty and increase employment opportunity.


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Cambodia sends Australian nurse to prison over ‘illicit surrogacy service’ charges