Published On: Wed, Oct 17th, 2018

Canada legalises recreational cannabis


Accepting the request of people, the Canadian government has legalised the sale of cannabis for recreational purpose. In the North American country, the medical use of cannabis is legal. With the new move, the government has moved a step further in the controversial area of the usage of this natural product.

Canada is not the first country which has legalised the use of cannabis for recreational purpose. Earlier, Uruguay legalised the use of this product for recreational purpose.

Meanwhile, there are allegations that the Canadian police forces have not given adequate time to prepare for the new law. There is no doubt that serious measures should be taken to avoid the possible after-effects of the law.

Anyway, the people of Canada have expressed their happiness in the new law. They have organised several programs across the country to express their happiness.

Notably, Nikki Rose and Ian Power are the first of those who has utilised their right to buy cannabis for recreational purpose.

The legalisation of the sale of cannabis for recreational purpose normally helps to bring this popular product of the underground market to the normal market. It is said that this move helps to avoid the abuse of this drug as the legalisation paves way for moderate regulations.


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Canada legalises recreational cannabis