Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

Cannabis cultivation likely to be legalized in Netherlands






Recognising the need of an immediate legislation to enable the legalization of the cannabis cultivation, a bill seeking the same has been approved by the lower house of Netherlands.It has been a narrow victory. Nearly seventy-seven members of the lower house have supported the bill while over seventy-two people have voted against the bill. It will need the ratification of the senate to be finally approved as a law. As per the latest evaluation, it is unlikely to get senate’s accent. If it is passed, it will exempt the professional cannabis growers from the armpit of punishment.   The bill seeking the legalisation of the cannabis cultivation has been presented by a member of Liberal Party. Traditionally, the cannabis is widely used in this country. So, it is not illegal to buy a small quantity of the cannabis from the country’s coffee shop, which is primarily focused on the cannabis sales. Due to the wide usage of the cannabis, the coffee shops often suffer the shortage of stock and this shortage prompts them to rely on the illegal cannabis suppliers and mafia operatives. Even though the legal authorities and health officials of the country have strongly condemned the move, the coffee shop union has wholeheartedly welcomed the bill. The advocates of the bill strongly believe that the initiative would check the illegal supply of the cannabis. Meanwhile, the critics opine that it would make catastrophic effects on the society in which the usage of cannabis is growing exponentially day by day.


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Cannabis cultivation likely to be legalized in Netherlands