Catalan voters demand ‘Freedom’


The overwhelming support that the referendum seeking the independence of Catalonia has received indicates that the Catalan voters are aggressively demanding freedom.

Despite the Spanish government’s repeated effort to derail the controversial referendum, over 42 per cent of the total voters of Catalonia has cast their vote.

On the voting day, several poll stations in the region have witnessed violence. The police officials, at the behest of the central authority of Spain, have fired rubber bullets at the pro-independence activists gathered outside the poll stations.

The foreign observers who are in the country to monitor the historic process of the referendum have expressed serious concern about the way in which the Spanish government has handled the democratic activity.

Though the central authority is against the referendum, the regional government, which is dominated by the pro-independence parties, is the prime supporter of the historical process.

As per the statistics released by the Catalan officials, around 2.2 million voters, of 5.3 million voters, has expressed their opinion through the voting process.

The officials assert that nearly ninety per cent of those who have cast their vote have supported the independence of the region.

Will Catalonia get freedom from Spain?


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Catalan voters demand ‘Freedom’