Published On: Sat, Oct 7th, 2017

Catalonia issue: ‘Pro-Unity’ groups set to organise rallies across Spain


Nearly couple of days after the controversial referendum, the pro-unity groups have declared their plan to organise rallies across Spain.

It is said that nearly tens of thousands of pro-unity members would participate in the rallies which are likely to happen in almost all main cities.

The referendum, which was organised last Sunday by the Catalan regional government, has invited huge opposition from the Spanish government, which is still standing intact in its declared statement that it is unconstitutional to conduct such a referendum.

With the Catalonian regional government is showing no effort to discuss the issue with the central government to resolve the crisis, the Catalan issue is aggravating day by day putting the people in serious trouble.

Several people were injured in the Catalan region when the police officials, at the behest of the central government, tried to block the referendum.

The one and only fact, which gives some relief, is that the Spanish representative in the disturbed region of Catalonia has sought apology for the wrongs, which was committed by the police while executing the central government’s order.

Experts say that both sides should forget their differences and sit together to discuss the issue or else the crisis will reach a stage where no talk is possible.


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Catalonia issue: ‘Pro-Unity’ groups set to organise rallies across Spain