Published On: Tue, Oct 2nd, 2018

Catalonia separatists clash with police


Creating an unwelcoming situation in Catalonia, those stand in support of the idea of independent Catalonia, has clashed with the police forces on the day the first anniversary of the Catalonian referendum has been celebrated.

The clashes have happened during the programs organised by the separatists in Barcelona and in and around Catalonia in commemoration of the first anniversary of the controversial referendum, which briefly separated Catalonia from Spain.

Several separatists as well as police officials have been injured in the clashes. At this moment, it is not clear who has initiated the clashes.

There are reports that both police officials and separatists are equally responsible for the clashes occurred during the functions organised by the separatists.

The Catalonian referendum is the most controversial thing this European country has witnessed in its recent history.

The referendum conducted by the previous Catalan government declared the region free from Spain. It prompted the Spanish government to expel the Catalan regional government and impose a central administration. It also led to the exile of the previous Catalan Supremo, the prime supporter of Catalan Independence, and the induction of a new government in the region.

Anyway, the new developments indicate that a section of people still works for the independence movement rigorously.


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Catalonia separatists clash with police