Published On: Tue, Nov 6th, 2018

Charlie Hebdo attack survivor wins Femina literary prize


Phillippe Lancon, one of the survivors of the Charlie Hebdo attack, has won the Femina literary prize award for his book Le Lambeau (the thread).

During the attack, the French journalist was shot in his jaw and arms. His escape from the attack was a miracle. Nearly people were killed in the attack. Most of them were journalists.

The Charlie Hebdo attack is one of the worst attacks ever happened against journalists in the European continent. It was allegedly carried out by the extremist elements.

While speaking to the media personals at a meeting organised in the sideline of the Femina literary prize ceremony, Mr Lancon has recalled the unfortunate experience he underwent and the days he has spent recovering from the injuries inflicted by the attack.

This is the first time that Mr Lancon has made a public appearance after the attack made on the satiric magazine’s office in the year 2015 in France.

Almost every journalist, who has gathered around him during the function, has expressed their interest to know whether he would come back to the field of journalism. In his words, there is a confidence that he will defiantly come back with his writings in the field soon.


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Charlie Hebdo attack survivor wins Femina literary prize