Published On: Sat, Dec 23rd, 2017

Chicago police busted ‘criminal groups’ operating in Facebook


Exposing the fact that social media platforms are often used by criminal gangs to carry out their illicit activities, the Chicago police has tactically busted some criminal groups operating in world-renowned social media platform ‘Facebook’.

As per the media report, the arrested gang members were running closed groups in the social media platforms to do the illicit sale of drugs and guns.

It has been reported that at least fifty people have been booked by the Chicago police in connection with the case.

The Chicago police, according to the media report, has openly criticised those leading the social media platform for not supporting the investigative operations.

Anyway, the Facebook authorities have asserted that they have always shown willingness to cooperate with the investigative officials of all governments. They have also explained publically how the respected officials can reach the technical support team of the social media giant in those situations when the officials feel they need help from the authorities.

A senior police official has informed the media houses that the police officials disguised as the customers clandestinely approached those operating the groups to crack the network. He has added that the investigative officials even purchased some illicit goods such as drugs and guns from the gangs in order to strengthen the case.

It is true that it is very difficult to block the illicit activities happening in the social media platforms. However, with the help of those who manage the platforms, the number of illicit activities occurring in these platforms can be brought down.


Vignesh. S. G

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Chicago police busted ‘criminal groups’ operating in Facebook