Published On: Mon, Jan 15th, 2018

Chile criticizes World Bank over ‘Annual “Doing Business” Competitiveness Ranking’


Chile, the country which has been pushed nearly twenty points behind the rank in which it was in the year 2014 in the ‘Annual “Doing Business” Competitiveness Ranking’ prepared by the World Bank, has criticized the International bank for unfair treatment.

The top leader of Chile, President Michele Bachelet, has indirectly indicated that the political factors have influenced the ranking. The leader has pointed out that the top bank’s ranking should be authentic and trustworthy.

Actually, the issue of the ranking has received actual attention when two economists working in the top bank have come up with two conflicting opinions about the ranking; when one of two economists, who is also responsible for the ranking, denouncing the allegations which have supported the political interference theory, has claimed that the new method used for the ranking purpose might have been the reason for the sudden fluctuation in the ranking, the other have opined that the indices might have been manipulated for political reasons.

When the country’s president took the helm the country’s ranking was somewhere near thirty-four, now the country’s ranking is fifty-five, which is over twenty points high.

The ease of starting a business, obtaining credits, paying taxes, and getting construction permits are the prime factors analyzed for the ranking purpose.

The present ranking is likely to benefit conservative business tycoon Sebastian Pinera, who in the recent presidential election defeated the present president’s candidate, and who is set to assume the top position in March when the present president’s term will end.


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Chile criticizes World Bank over ‘Annual “Doing Business” Competitiveness Ranking’