Published On: Tue, Aug 22nd, 2017

Chile set to dilute abortion law

Chile, one of the seven Roman Catholic countries which have a blanket ban on the abortion, is set to dilute its abortion law as the country’s constitution has removed the final hindrance to do so by approving a bill seeking to ease the strict abortion law. As per the approved amendment, those Chile women who are rape victims can undergo the abortion if their life is at risk due to the pregnancy or if the women’s foetus is not expected to survive the process of pregnancy. Honduras, Nicaragua, Malta, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and the Vatican are the other six countries, which have a strict anti-abortion law, apart from Chile. As per the report, nearly six out of ten constitutional judges have supported the move while around four have strongly opposed it. The decision has been welcomed by the leftists, centre-leftists and the women organisations which support the pro-choice movement. Earlier, the issue triggered aggressive debates in the Chilean parliament as the rightists and stalwart Roman Catholicons strongly opposed the move as the church is not in favour of the abortion. Actually, the strict anti-abortion law was imposed during the dark days of the Chilean authoritarian rule led by the military government of Augusto Pinochet. Many consider the victory of the pro-choice movement in the country as the victory of Chilean President Michele Bachelet, who is the prime supporter of the pro-choice movement.


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Chile set to dilute abortion law