Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2017

China advises NK to give up provocative weapon tests



In an unusual as well as an unexpected development aimed at achieving global peace, the Chinese government has finally advised its leftist ally, North Korea, to give up its provocative weapon tests, which invited tough sanction over the NK’s economic activities. The advice comes in the wake of the NK’s latest missile test. As NK has been continuously conducting the nuclear and missile tests for last few years despite the strong sanction imposed on it, China is presently standing over a heated platform due to the immense pressure exerted on them by the International powers asking them to keep its alley, NK, under control. It is learned that the International powers are erecting a missile defence system in South Korea enabling them to defend the danger raised by NK.

It is not a good news for China that the International powers are strengthening the defence system of SK as the updated or advanced defence system of SK is likely to stand as a potential danger to Beijing. In that sense, the new political development in Asia can be justified. As per the media report, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, says that the International powers can halt the military drill in SK if NK drops the aggressive militarization project. The intervention of China and International powers in the Korean affairs is largely apprehensive. A productive deliberation between the traditional rivals of Korea, NK and SK, is needed to resolve the issue permanently.



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China advises NK to give up provocative weapon tests