Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2016

China fumes over Trump’s appointments

 In a move which is expected to create an unnecessary misunderstanding between the US and China, US-president elect Donald Trump has appointed renowned economist and anti-China trade policy propagator Peter Navarro as the head of new national trade body. As per the report, the Chinese government is very furious over the appointment of an anti-Chinese policy propagator into the key trade post. It is identified that the economist will serve as the head of the new White House National Trade Council and will also be the director of the trade and industry policy. Earlier also, the US future supremo provoked the Chinese government by communicating with the supremo of Taiwan. For last few decades, the US government led by the Democrats has been following the one china policy, in which Taiwan along with other disputed provinces is considered as the part of the Chinese mainland. By interacting with the Taiwan chief, the new Republican leader has violated the decade old tradition raising numerous speculations over the new trade policy. Now, by appointing a person, who is the author of an anti-Chinese book named ‘Death of China’, which propagates the anti-china trade policies and prompts the US citizens to boycott the Chinese products, it seems that the Republicans has indirectly given a clear message about their economic policy. Navarro was the advisor of the future supremo during the curial US election, in which Republican candidate Donald Trump marked an astounding victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The trade policies were the prime tool used by the Republican camp to gain dominance over the opponents, and it worked really well.


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China fumes over Trump’s appointments