Published On: Wed, Feb 7th, 2018

China opposes Nasheed’s call for Indian interference in Maldives crisis


China has clearly declared that the political crisis in the Indian Ocean country of Maldives should be resolved internally.

A representative of the government has opined, while speaking with the media personals, that the Maldives government has the capability to deal with the current crisis.

Though China has not directly mentioned India in the statement, the circumstance in which such a statement has been released clearly exposes the intention of the Chinese government.

The China’s statement has come just hours after the former Maldivian president’s call for the Indian interference in the Maldives political crisis.

In his statement, Mohammed Nasheed said that India should sent the Indian army into the Indian Ocean country to reinstate the state of stability.

Experts claim that China at any cost would prevent the interference of the Indian army in the Maldivian crisis.

Maldives is one of the prime partners of China. This country heavily depends on China for its economic needs.

For last few years, China has been trying to gain a indirect supremacy over all small and instable counties in the South Asian region.

Maldives is one of those countries over which China spreads its powerful wings of military might and economic strength in return of economic compromises.



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China opposes Nasheed’s call for Indian interference in Maldives crisis